Your Personal Data Is Remaining

The basis of our business model is the trust that you will feel. Therefore, we take maximum measures to protect your personal data. We have created a very transparent policy on the protection and use of personal data for the convenience of our members about their personal data.
How do we manage the security of personal data?
How iyileşeceğim manages and processes your personal data? Let's explain it in the clearest form.
Secure Design. Secure Software
Data security for us is not a measure to be taken later. Therefore, we prioritize data security when designing iyileşeceğim and continue to keep it in every new development we make.
Your credentials and personal health data are stored in our databases located in two different countries. All information we store in databases, including video interviews, is encrypted and stored. All our databases are backed up in real time, and the risk of data loss is kept to a minimum.
All our employees go through a thorough security investigation and a thorough psychological assessment. In addition, all kinds of data accessed by our employees are kept under record and in case it is not necessary, access to member information is monitored in real time.
We prevent unauthorized access to your personal data with many measures such as entrance and exit to our office is only possible with biometric authentication, 24-hour security personnel, 24-hour active surveillance camera records, sensitive alarm system, and encryption of hard disks of all computers used in our offices.
Hackers are our friends.
To test our security, we are working with the white hat hackers to regularly conduct attacks on our own platform. We quickly repair detected open or weak points and try to maximize our application security.
In addition to the audits of our academic and ethical committees, the compliance of our products and services with national and international laws, standards and regulations is regularly audited by independent audit bodies.
You have a question?
You can visit our terms of use, Privacy Terms and frequently asked questions for matters of interest or you can send an e-mail to our address at iletisim@iyileşeceğ