Changing Home Care Services with Rabia Tülübaş

Health care is changing rapidly from technological opportunities to diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In this section of our Changing Health Channel, which we have implemented to better understand and explain this change, nurse Rabia Tübübaş, guest specialist and care services specialist
Here are some questions to which you can find answer in our conversation with Rabia Tülübaş:;
What are the status of home care and benefits of home care services in our country and in the world? - In which conditions should professional home care service be preferred?
- The importance of music in treatment and what is the effect of treatment process on patients?
- What are the differences between home care and caretaker and which is more useful in terms of patient?
- How much does home care in cancer patients reduce the need for hospital?
- What is the state's approach to home care services, support and services offered?

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