Professor Dr. Changing Health with Bedirhan ÜSTÜN

Health is changing rapidly from technological, diagnostic and treatment methods. In this part of our Changing Health channel, which we have realized in order to better understand and explain this change, our guest psychiatrist; Dr. Bedirhan ÜSTÜN.
Here are some questions you can find in our conversation with Professor Doctor Bedirhan ÜSTÜN,
- What is the work of the World Health Organization in the field of mental health?
- How are health systems collecting information in a digital environment?
- What will be the classification of social diseases?
- Are e-health and e-pulse applications adequate?
- What innovations can be made in these services?
- What are the advantages of having a patient information pool and a common patient registration system in the patient transfer between hospitals?
- How will digital health affect physicians? What are the advantages of digitalization in health for patients?
- How to manage technology initiatives in the health sector
- What are the responsibilities of the private sector and the state for the expansion and advancement of health initiatives?

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