Dr. Changing Health with Kaan Yılancıoğlu

Health is changing rapidly from technological, diagnostic and treatment methods. In this part of our Changing Health channel, which we have realized to better understand and explain this change, our guest is Molecular Biologist. Kaan YILANCIOĞLU.
Molecular Biologist Some of the questions you may find in our conversation with Kaan YILANCIOĞLU are:
- What is molecular biology?
- What is behavioral genetics?
- Are genetic tests useful? What are their methods and methods?
- There is a bright side as well as a dark side of the developments in the field of genetics. And who will use this technology? What problems in the future can lead to future problems?
Is it possible to stop the proliferation of HIV-infected cells? What are the studies in this field?
- What is embryonic stem cell? What does it do? How to obtain stem cells from the embryo
- What can be used to treat embryonic stem cells?
- What are the ethical concerns in the use of embryonic stem cells?

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