Target Nobel - 4 / Science Politics with Professor Doctor Melih Bulut

The fourth of the series of Hedef Nobel conference organized by Bahçeşehir University was attended by our speaker. Dr. Melih Bulut became the leader. Dr. Melih Bulut brings together the past, present and future of science in his speech titled ece Science Politics Mel.
Are you ready to meet the politics of science?
- What is innovation? What are the innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence?
What is the importance of science in politics? How effective is the economy?
- How much value is given to biochemistry in our country?
- What role does technology have in the field of biochemistry? How does it help science?
- What will be the result of developments in robotic surgery? - How should the digital age be seen in hospital systems? How should information flow be?
- How do the concepts of informatics and neurology affect science politics?

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